Cake in the face kind of family!

We don’t know about anyone else, but we like to keep this tradition going! It never gets old! Cake in your face on almost all occasions is a must. With few exceptions of some not getting cake in the face, more like adults such as mom, Jenny (sister), Bobert (brother-in-law) and the grandparents of course. Aside from that expect cake to be on your face at one point or another.

All of the kids expect it, including us, but you never know when it’s coming. It literally is unspoken until a few minutes before it’s going to happen so watch out! We are like ninjas! .. okay maybe not ninjas, but you catch our drift!

Keegan and Erica's Wedding 2013

Keegan and Erica’s Wedding 2013

Jessica's birthday 2013

Jessica’s birthday 2013

Mariyah's birthday 2014

Mariyah’s birthday 2014

Isaiah's birthday 2014

Isaiah’s birthday 2014

Isaiah's birthday 2012

Isaiah’s birthday 2012




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