How to Survive Higher Education

Let’s face it college is frustrating. I may have not finished my journey through college just yet but I have complied a list of how to survive higher education according to my experiences.

  1. Rent or buy used books usually best bet to save you money. is a good comparison site with options of how long you need the item for which can help save you time when trying to shop around.
  2. Online classes need discipline. Don’t sign up for online classes if you know you are not good about budgeting your time or staying on task.
  3. Bring some of your materials with you if you are usually busy. This is especially true if you are doing an online course , I would bring my textbook with me and just read sections of the homework on my breaks at work or on commutes it makes it a bit easier to keep up with online materials.
  4. Start at a community college to save you some money. Even when you’re attending a university, during the summer go to your community college to collect extra credits towards your degree at a fraction of the cost. Just make sure your university accepts the credits.
  5. Don’t just assume you will remember important dates of assignments or that your professor will remind you, write it down on the date its due as well as a couple weeks or days before hand with a reminder. This can also be achieved using an online calendar such as Google or icalendar.

Hope this helps






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