Snoopy Snow Cone Machine (Review)

So my step daughter got a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine for her birthday. We were beyond excited to try it out. Although it took us some time to finally use it, I must say we were all disappointed.

I must say it was an easy assembly, so kudos for that! Also the fact that it pretty much includes everything was great. However, when it came down to actually make the snow cone, the machine did not hold up. Since most of it is plastic I thought it would be okay since plastic can be pretty durable. I came to find out that I was thinking way to positive for my own good. 

When it is all assembled you are to put one ice cube in a hole at the top of Snoopy’s house. Then with the piece Snoopy is sitting on you are suppose to put into that same hole and press down on the ice while turning a handle in the back which is suppose to shave the ice to make the snow cone. While in the process of trying to turn the piece to shave the ice, it kept breaking off. I thought I was doing something wrong so I looked at the instructions again. I was doing it just as they said. So I gave it probably about 10 more tries and came up with the same results over and over again. 

I gave up and had my husband try it since he was convinced that I was doing it wrong. His attempts were no better than mine. He just put it to the side and gave up like me. I have to say I was not impressed with this product at all. If they made the handle a lot better, I’m sure it would have worked great! As for my step daughter she was happy for the little pieces of ice she got but was sad when she realized I couldn’t have a snow cone with her. She also was no longer impressed by it.

I would recommend this for maybe a Charlie Brown or Snoopy lover as a novelty, not for its actual purpose, but that’s just me.

Maybe this is user error maybe its not, if someone else has had a good experience with this product, please let us know. It would be great to use it considering it’s summer and we have the flavor kit as well. 



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