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Upton’s Natural Breakroom Sandwiches

I recently was on my way home from work with quite the drive ahead of me and a lack of lunch didn’t help. So I stopped at Whole Foods and picked up a pre-packaged Upton’s Naturals Seitan Salad Sandwich. It was pretty good I have never seen any place sell vegetarian/vegan sandwiches this way. Normally my best options are to stop at a Subway or other sandwich shop. The “chicken” salad was pretty tasty itself, it had mustard some sort of mayo and cranberries! The pretzel roll seemed a bit like too much bread for the amount of salad on the sandwich but it was bearable. All in all I would probably pick up another one of these bad boys if I was short on time. They also offer a few other sandwiches from uptons as well hopefully they are just as good.

If you live in the midwest especially in the Chicago area you can probably get your hands on Upton’s Breakroom sandwiches at the Upton breakroom on west grand ave in Chicago or at your local whole foods store.



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