Family Sunday

For quite sometime now every Sunday around here has been celebrated with close friends and family. This week I seemed to have planned to lay around and do nothing with Erica all day. But then life happens.

Is it just me and my close friends and family or have there been way too many people locking their keys in their cars? I did it about a month ago then a friend did, then a friends mom, then another friend and then voila our older sister Jenny did it today. Well it was actually my niece who locked the keys in the car.

So much for laying around doing nothing. Her keys were locked in the trunk , well guess what her car has this special lock feature that prevents you from getting into the trunk from the car cabin, also the button to release the trunk will not work if you had to break into the car. Also the seat release to get into the trunk from the inside are located inside the trunk…-_-

So I spent about 2 and a half hours driving to and from where she was at to pick up her and part of her family.

Lesson of the day: always have a spare key.

She will have to get the dealer to make a new key to open the trunk, they were going to attempt to get a locksmith but they need a spare anyhow, and the locksmith wasn’t sure if they could actually open it. You know after finally finding one that was available on a Sunday.


Hope yours was better



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