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I have a confession to make. I never enjoyed chorizo. It’s super greasy and was always too I don’t know, too something (maybe meaty). One day however I did decided to try soyrizo (vegetarian chorizo). BOOM hooked! Love the stuff I could seriously eat it everyday and not be sick of it. I normally make mine with potatoes and onions sometimes bell peppers, eggs if I really feel like it (I’m not big into eggs they are actually quite gross) or just some tofu to stretch.

Recently I have tried Chicago’s Upton brand Chorizo Seitan, and unfortunately I wasn’t too impressed. It didn’t really give much of a chorizo flavor as others I’ve had, although as a regular breakfast sausage I would say it was pretty decent. I have also tried the kind from Tofurky this one was similar in flavor and texture probably because these are made with seitan. 

The ones with the best flavors and textures I have found are the ones that have similar packaging to the real thing. Such as Cacique , El Burrito , Frieda’s. I absolutely am a complete fanatic about these I even make my friends eat it and they enjoy these much better than the seitan type. Bonus these are usually the ones that are way cheaper in price! Always read the label on products many are vegan but some are not and you may even find some to be gluten free. There are so many options for diet restrictions these days it’s great.



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