Time to Make Something

H O L I D A Y   E D I T I O N !

Alright, you ever see those fancy little paper trees made from magazines and wonder how? It’s actually quite simple and a very old craft.

Supplies you will need

  • a magazine you don’t care to read any longer20141201_222625


  • spray paint ( I used a dark green and a gold glitter)20141207_121453

There are 3 to 5 steps in this entire craft and it does consume quite a bit of time. Plus side the more you make the easier it gets and the quicker at making them you become.

Step 1ish

Fold  your magazine back and forth a few times so the binding is fairly worn making it easier to work with and it will make a nicer cylinder shape later. Also remove those pesky ads to subscribe that I think shouldn’t be inside of the persons magazine who already subscribes….just saying20141201_222820(0)

Step 2



Fold over your top right corner to the bottom left to form a triangle. Do this to every page.


Step 3

Fold the triangle portion again into smaller triangles.

20141201_225009 20141201_230841

This is what your magazine should look like after the first steps.

Step 4

This is the annoying part. You have to tuck the extra flappy thing into the page itself and flatten.20141201_231307 20141201_231343this has to be done to every page. It’s the most time consuming part of the project.



If you choose you can partake in the final step of spray painting in a well ventilated area.

20141207_12100520141207_121516  20141207_143827

First coat in green , then glitter, then let dry and bring inside. Tada!

Now I can make an army of magazine trees with all the back issues I have….I’m not a hoarder I swear.I also guess it would be called a forest and not an army. Oh well. Hope you enjoy your little trees.



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