Throwback Thursday

A Hobo Holiday

Alright let me explain, back in high school we had a group of friends we always hung out with, day and night kind of stuff. I don’t know why we started calling ourselves hobos but we did. Maybe it was the way we used to walk everywhere and scrounge around for change to go eat at the local Taco Bell. Then when I had my mini-van we’d squish as many of our friends in it to get to further destinations. There were seven of us plus a few what we called “reserves” , you know in case anything happened to any of the seven but we did not allow for substitutes if that makes any sense at all (it doesn’t).

We were pretty much all attached to each others butt cheeks, except when we all planned to be together, such as Hobo Christmas. Secret Santa was a thing we would do and we were really good at messing it up. We all had our ups and downs and we all sort of still keep in touch, some are closer than others but I love them all still. We would celebrate on December 26th called it Hobo Christmas and that’s that. There was also Hobo Thanksgiving celebrated the day before actual Thanksgiving, usually at the Taco Bell (we were in high school not much to do in our town anyhow).

Anyway here’s a peek into what our Hobo Christmas was like… I obviously don’t have a career in filmography, but I would like to tape everything. This is actually a fairly boring tape compared to some of the others I made. I’ll probably post those at another time.



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