Super Last Minute Gift Ideas

Alright tomorrow is Christmas Eve and guess what I’m still not done. I started the season off strong and in November, now I’m going AHHHHHHHHHH! I hate shopping at stores. I really do if I could get away with doing everything online I do. If you’re like me and still are looking around guess what these are things you can get from pretty much the drugstore down the street. Make them look decent, then tag them up and hand them out to your friends, coworkers, neighbors.

Are you a Betty Crocker ? If you’re not but can manage baking some pre-made dough do it stick it in some sort of tin wrap it in cellophane tied with ribbon or stick it in a cleaned out jar boom done.

picture from a cultivated nest

Don’t want to bake? Try placing hot cocoa mix with store bought cookies and some peppermints in a jar and voila!


Too much work? Just add candies in a jar add some ribbon and you’re done!

picture from

Don’t want to hand out edibles try making a nail polish or other grooming kit stick it either in a travel pouch or you know in a clean jar.

 20141223_105009 (1).jpg

Think you need to spend more money? Add a gift card from that kiosk of endless gift cards to any of these gifts. If you need other ideas how about an egift card spotify or amazon a magazine subscription where you can email or print out the card stating which magazine and when they can expect their first issue. Do people still make cds? maybe do a playlist to listen to on their commute. Seriously get your gifts done Christmas scribblers!

Hope you finish up in time and have a great holiday!



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