Here Comes Summer

Saturday, February 28th 2015

I (Jessica) am at work and receive a message from Erica saying shes leaking and she doesn’t know why she also informs me that she tried calling the doctor but hasn’t been able to reach her. So… she said she was going to the store instead with her friends. I was just thinking WHAT! okay if it isn’t bad then I guess wait for the doctor to call back.

Doctor still hasn’t called back. It’s been a few hours now. I’m about to leave work and receive this message. Doctor hasn’t answered going to just go to the hospital to make sure everything is okay. I answer alright let me know if they are going to let you go after or not.

As I’m driving I receive another message and my phone says the message is from Tweek Rodriguez say read out, call or cancel. Read out. *in robot voice* My water broke at 10 this morning staying at hospital. say reply call or cancel. CALL! Here is where I asked if she needed anything did they make it okay was she with Keegan. Then she informed me that her water only partially broke this morning that’s what was “leaking” that it fully broke at the hospital.

I spent the whole night with her, Keegan and her mother in-law. Most of the night not sleeping or eating. She informed us if she couldn’t sleep neither could we. -_-


My vitals and contractions


Im pretty sure I was drug induced at this point. So I was spacing out while everyone else was shocked of how I was handling the crazy intense contractions.


Keegan and I exchanging words of endearment…NOT! I was squeezing his hand when I was in pain.


The excitement in my face! This wasnt too long after I arrived at the hospital. I was told to look lively lol


My look of discomfort

Erica’s life on Saturday, February 28, 2015

I woke up thinking it was a normal day like any other. I had been discharging a lot so I didn’t think anything of damp underwear when I woke up. I went out to breakfast with my best friend José to IHOP in Gurnee. Everything was normal until I felt a rush of fluid. I was eating and didn’t want to get up from the table since it was crowded in the way to the bathroom. I wanted to make sure I had a clear shot to go check on myself. Keep in mind all this time I am very calm just texting Jess and my husband, Keegan.

While I waited for my clear shot to happen, I explained to José what I felt and how I thought it was normal. José went into a tiny panic mode on how I can’t go into labor right now because he would freak out.

I told him that I’m pretty sure I was fine once I was able to go to the bathroom. So we went on our merry way to Gurnee Mills mall to meet up with our other best friend Sandra. The plan was to not only go shopping but to walk around in an attempt to induce labor. We walked for a couple hours and I kept using the bathroom because I felt more fluid. I called my doctors a few times with no answer and finally decided to go home and get my bags ready to go to the hospital if I was still feeling fluid by the time I get home.

Before leaving to go home Keegan called me in panic asking if I was in the way to the hospital and to let him know as soon as my doctor calls. We finally went home and first thing I did was munch on some girl Scout cookies I ordered from my niece. (Hey! Don’t judge! I waited weeks for those cookies!) Then I went to the bathroom to check and I was soaked. So I cleaned myself and changed my clothes. Called my husband and asked him to leave work so we could go to the hospital since the doctor didn’t call back yet.

I put everything by the front door while I waited patiently and ate a few more cookies and chugged some water. I knew if I was in labor I wouldn’t be able to eat it drink so I took care of that in fear I wouldn’t be able to for hours! Finally my doctor called back and told me to go to the hospital to get check out. Fast forward to getting to the hospital and my husband is rushing me to get out of the car when I’m trying to down more water! (Side note: I LOVE WATER! I am not happy when I can’t have water!)

Fast forward again to being in the hospital and doing standard procedure of giving a urine sample and then going back to undress so the nurse and doctor can check you out. I had to have my husband help with my pants because I couldn’t take them off unless I was sitting down in a regular chair and we all know hospital beds are tall! Anywho while having my husband help me, more fluid came out. He didn’t see but I showed him the wet spot on the bed. Once I was ready in my gown, I moved myself into the hospital bed and that’s when I ended up wetting everything! I definetly knew my water broke at that point.

Normal procedure happened again where the doctor and nurse checked me out. The doctor explained how my water broke at 10 in the morning when I felt the first rush of fluid and that I wasn’t leaving the hospital without my baby! I had mixed emotions at that point! I had scenes from movies and TV shows running in my head about how terrible labor is. I was not prepared!

I only let my close family know what was going on immediately. I waited to tell my friends once I was drugged up, ha! Fast forward again to being moved from triage to a delivery room. I relaxed while waiting for my husband to return from his cigarette, my sister to come visit and Neuby to arrive. Neuby arrived with his partner, his work partner that is lol. We chit chatted he read my vitals,checked my chart and drugs out. I explained to him I was holding my baby in so she would not be born until March!

Keegan finally came back and we all chatted until Neuby and his partner had to return to work and feed themselves. I wasn’t happy hearing about people going to eat lol.

Fast forward again to me finally feeling my contractions. By this time my sis, aunt, mom in law and grandma in law all arrived. I was calm until my pain started to get worse. I was given pain medicine to help. It helped with the pain but it made me feel like I was drunk. I could still feel the pain slightly at first but then it got worse as the medicine wore off of course. I couldn’t sleep from all the pain so I told everyone they couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t. What can I say, I wasn’t a happy camper.

I asked for an epidural and the time came to have it done. Fast forward to 2 failed attempts of trying to give me an epidural and having to wait another 2 hours to have 1 final attempt which finally worked! Thank goodness!

I was able to nap for short periods of time so I allowed everyone else to finally sleep. As time went on, my medicine dose to induce labor went higher and higher every few hours. I woke up around 6 in the morning in pretty bad pain and had my mom in law wake up my husband so i could squeeze his hand while she got the nurse. The nurse came and said i dialated about 4 inches and that it was early still.

I tried to take it easy and tolerated the pain with breathing and hand squeezing. Not even 10 minutes minutes later the pain got even worse and I swear I could feel her crowning and I let everyone know I felt that way. Everyone thought I was crazy, especially my nurse. She walked in stating that she just checked me so I wasn’t going to be any more dialated. The nurse checked and freaked a little because I was fully dilated. She called the doctor right away and everyone rushed into my room getting everything ready while I was trying to concentrate on breathing and not pushing. Let me tell you, it isn’t easy to not push when know and feel the need to push.

My doctor made it in about 10 minutes later and didn’t realize I was ready because she came in her street clothes. She rushed to change and came back to delivery my baby. During active labor I was a champ! No yelling, screaming, sweating or slapping of any kind. I was mean to my husband once though. He was helping me with breathing techniques but then he starts to ask me questions. So i told him to shut up and stop asking me questions if he wants me to concentrate on my breathing.

It took a couple rounds of pushing to get her out. The crazy part was everyone said she shot out like a cannon and she was so slippery!

I was in active labor for about an hour and then my baby girl, Summer, was born! It was very surreal! Being told most of my life it was going to be extremely hard for me to get pregnant, I was excited to finally meet her! I started crying right before she came out and as soon as she was placed on my chest, I lost it and cried more. I couldn’t believe I gave birth to a beautiful baby!

Everyone who has given birth knows the feeling. I must admit I believe I was super lucky to be able to tolerate all the pain as well as I did. On top of the amazing support system I had with me! Would I have another kid? Maybe Was all the complications during pregnancy worth it to risk having then reoccur if I were to get pregnant again? You betcha! I wouldn’t trade anything for the precious time I was pregnant and in labor!

(Side note: Jess had her very own set of nurses right before I gave birth because she started to get sick from not eating for over 12 hours)


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