Letters from the Past

I was recently going through all these boxes in my house, you know the kind of boxes that no one wants to go through. You sort and put into piles and then say oh yeah I’ll clear that, later. Yeah. Well I finally did. And I found this.

letter from tiffanyThis was a letter my cousin gave me before her family moved to Florida in the 8th grade. We were pretty much inseparable as kids every time we were together our parents had the hardest time getting us to go home at the end of the day. We would hide in closets just so we could spend more time together. I don’t really remember what we would do all the time but since I was about one when she was born it was like oh yeah instant best friend/playmate.She was pretty much the fourth sister in our family we even lived together or in the same building on several occasions as children.

Over the years we have been less and less in touch but I still check out her blog and social media to see what she’s been up to. I miss her and love her dearly and if anyone were to ever ask who my favorite cousin was I would always say her.  I’ve seen her life from afar thanks to technology which is really nice since I can’t really afford to travel much. Not going to lie reading that letter made me start to tear. I miss that closeness we had (and her penmanship ugh why was it always so much better than mine). I also miss how even though I was not as fashion forward or crazy about the way I looked as she was she didn’t care (although looking back at these photos I almost wish she would’ve been like JESS! what are you wearing? or what’s up with your hair?).

I remember her excitement when I went to go see her in Florida with my mom and she figured out she had finally grown taller than me! (I was a very tall child it was very deceiving. I’m now a whole 5’4″ or if it’s a good day 5’5″ )

I also remember her flying out here in the middle of winter after moving, to stay with us because she missed being over here. She seems to have adjusted pretty well now. She has a great little family and is doing a great job being a mom and I couldn’t be more proud of her. They are expecting baby number 2 now. I remember her always talking about wanting to be a mom she even had baby names picked out when we were kids. (fun fact: one of the names she would talk about is what they named their son, the list also had several names)

I can’t believe this letter is over 10 years old and I can’t believe I still have it! I love you Tiffany and still miss you a million. Hopefully I can see you and your family soon!



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