Thirsty Thursday!

That’s right, you read that correctly! But it isn’t the normal thirsty Thursday. We aren’t going to discuss your normal alcohol. Sorry for those of you who got your hopes up.

This Thirsty Thursday is about WATER!


As we all know, water is beyond important for our bodies! We can’t live without water!

So a popular statement I hear about water is, “You should drink 8 glasses of water a day”.  However, I feel that is a bit vague and misleading.

Personally, I would say 8 glasses a day would be the very minimum you would want to make sure you get in. I drink as many ounces as half of my body weight. That is way more than 8 glasses, but keep other things in consideration.

When you sweat, breathe, go to the bathroom, sit in a hot room…you are losing water from your body. The only way to replinsh that water is by consuming it!  So drink that water! I don’t care if you like room temperature, chilled or freezing cold water. Please do yourself a favor and drink it!

I find it is beyond easy to get in enough water for my body. I have a serious love for water! I would prefer an ice water over soda and many other beverages pratically all day, every day.

If you find yourself having difficulties with drinking water, find ways you can consume it in your food. For example, watermelon and spinach have a high amount of water in them. Do some research on foods with high water content so it will help your consumption!

*Please note you should not consume all of the water at one time, you will become ill. I am in no way offering medical advice. Please consult with your physician before making any extreme decisions.*



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