Oh Hey There!

Holy guacamole ! Where has the time gone? Where have we been? Summer is over and fall is among us the temperature here says otherwise 90’s all week! We’ve been quite busy working on a number of things. Most of the summer was spent watching our nieces and nephews (or in Erica’s case her children as well) tutoring them taking them on mini adventures. Working on putting together a catering site for a new business endeavor and job searching galore. We’ve been working on spending more time with our families and friends and it’s been great only thing is we seem to not update here as much.

With the upcoming season change comes Halloween a holiday that we were not allowed to celebrate as children our parents believed it was a devil holiday. We weren’t even allowed to attend school because they knew there would be celebrations. As we grew older our parents cared less and less and we finally went trick or treating around 2005 I was a senior in high school and Erica a sophomore. It was strange because our friends were realizing hey these are going to be the last years of trick or treating meanwhile Erica and I had just started.

Since our parents were so strict with us I think we all have decided to love Halloween. We all usually have decorations everywhere our sisters kids have been trick or treating since they could pretty much walk. My mother still likes to inform us she does not celebrate but shes dressed up at least once now.

Anyhow since Halloween is approaching we have in the past few years started having a party for all the kids a week or so before Halloween, one that’s just for them. There are no grown up things there are crafts and games and prizes and dinner. We are now working on putting together this years Halloween and I have no idea what to do!

Pinterest is a mad house and all of the things are really cool but sometimes i think do we have time will all the kids enjoy it (we have a large age range to fill 6-13, and that doesn’t include baby Summer who is 6 months!). One year the power went out and the kids thought it was part of the night (it wasn’t) then they freaked out for a bit, but it was a good time.

Last year we did a few of the same activities like decorating caramel apples and some new ones like a trivia game with prizes and puzzle races. Hopefully this year will be another success. The kids are getting older but I’m sure they will love Halloween for years to come. Hope your summers were great and your fall will be too.Now off to continue planning!


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