Oh Hey ! You’re New!

Hello! Welcome to The Drawing Board. A blog run by sisters Erica and Jessica as a way to spend more time together, try new things, share ideas, life, and the crazy Sundays with family. We hail from the lovely suburbs of Chicago, where we aren’t short of bowling, bars, and baskin donuts.

Erica is a new mom to a beautiful baby girl and is taking a break from her work as an international customer service representative (fancy stuff) so she won’t be getting her fill of people who call from Australia. Which she seems to be doing fine with.

Jessica is in an on again off again relationship with vegetarianism and likes to keep way too busy by working as a library associate, taking classes, writing out business plans, and then coming home and doing this stuff.

Our lives were way more exciting as teenagers so we’re making this to pretend that it still is. “ I go to Chuck E. Cheese okay! ”-Erica