Book of the Month

Ever feel like you’re being left out of everything? You know on twitter, Instagram, Facebook the list goes on and and on, etc etc. Time for a new book of the month!

If you haven’t figured it out comedic women are kind of a big thing these days. So if you haven’t picked up Mindy Kaling’s biography from so many years ago, what are you waiting for? Not only were her stories humorous, they were relatable. I would start reading a story and then it would immediately begin to spark a similar memory of my own. This is for all you paranoid people. She’s asking the hard question,  Is everyone hanging out without me?



Book of the Month

The last book of the month for 2014 is one I’ve been dying to read but hadn’t found the time yet. I will find the time. I will finish this. It’s had some pretty good reviews on goodreads and on amazon. It’s about a little girl named Starla in 1963 Mississippi who is grounded on the fourth of July, which she was really trying not to but hey, and decides to run off in attempts to find her mother who isn’t around, instead of face consequences her Mamie (grandmother) has threatened. She ends up on quite the journey and travels with a black woman with a white baby.Remember, 1963, Segregation is still well and alive at this point.

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Book of the Month

This month I decided to go back to listening to audio books on my commute. It’s a great way to “read” books in time that would normally be spent listening to the same radio stations that play the same songs over and over. You also would want to make sure that the reader does not annoy you, this makes it difficult to even continue to listen. So this months book of the month is Joyland by Stephen King. So far I’m not very impressed by it but if you want to give it a shot beware there are not really any scares so far and I’m about halfway through and although the story is okay it’s not what I expect of Stephen King.