How to survive ( your freecycled couch)

I was recently “free”cycled a couch that although I hated, needed. The cushions were flimsy and smelled of cigarettes, it sat very low to the ground and on my tile floor slid everywhere. First thing get rid of the faint smoke smell I washed all the pillows with soap and vinegar as well as the cushion covers. I then wiped down the “leather” with an all purpose spray. After drying the pillows and covers it still smelled a bit but its much less noticeable now. So I keep using a febreeze spray and am thinking of trying another option using vodka in a spray bottle.


Next I wanted was to get it off the ground. I was going to buy some inexpensive sofa legs and just change them out. So I set out to find some legs and reviews I came across a very inexpensive set on amazon for less than 17 dollars. I was set to purchase until my mother informed me of the couch she was getting rid of may have longer legs. I took a look and voila they were so much taller! I also had the idea to steal the cushions from the couch and put the slips on those. Oh it was a lovely fit and now I don’t sink into the couch.


I flipped the couch over and started on the legs, then I hit a snag. One of the legs was not attached the way the others were, with a hanging bolt, it was attached with 2 screws. Well that explained the one weird mismatched leg.


At this point I had to charge my drill and I searched and searched to see how to attach that last leg. I read that if the leg was a standard american 5/16th hanging bolt I could possibly get away with drilling a 1/4″ hole into the wood. So I did. Got it mwahahahahaha! Take that odd leg.


Flipped it over and realized the couch keeps sliding no one can sit on this without fear of sliding back.I decided oh an area rug would help but mine is too small. So I started looking for rubber feet that would work. Then I decided wait I have the old foam from the old cushions still so I decided to cut a piece and stick it under the legs and it worked.20150324_114051

So I flipped the couch back over got super glue and scissors. I cut the foam down so it wouldn’t be noticeable under the legs. I put super glue on the part of the leg that stuck out most then pressed and held the foam on for a few seconds. Did it to each leg waited a few minutes before flipping the couch back and now the couch I hated I no longer mind so much.


I lucked out having other couches to work with and steal things off of, so look there first if not find places for foam for the cushions, slipcovers to hide less than perfect fabric, sofa legs online for broken legs or if you just want to change the height or look of the couch. I intend to eventually buy new pillows for the back since I’m a bit over the brown and would like a bit of color. But for now I’m starting to love my freecycled couch.






Time to Make Something

H O L I D A Y   E D I T I O N !

Alright, you ever see those fancy little paper trees made from magazines and wonder how? It’s actually quite simple and a very old craft.

Supplies you will need

  • a magazine you don’t care to read any longer20141201_222625


  • spray paint ( I used a dark green and a gold glitter)20141207_121453

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Time to Make Something

Since being laid off from one of my jobs I have had way too much free time. I have been hanging out and enjoying my freedom and decided to finally start on a project I’ve been putting off for quite sometime. A pond for my turtles. I am not done just yet but the turtles are in and seem to really be enjoying it. Here are a few progress pics. 20140820_113553-EFFECTS 20140820_123336 20140820_125839 20140820_130219 20140820_131954 20140820_132511 20140820_135814 20140820_150030

The crazy glow-y effects are courtesy of Google. This project was supposed to be a fire pit a couple years ago but I decided to put that off and in a different location. Hopefully I will finish this soon and will post the final results.