Oh Hey There!

Holy guacamole ! Where has the time gone? Where have we been? Summer is over and fall is among us the temperature here says otherwise 90’s all week! We’ve been quite busy working on a number of things. Most of the summer was spent watching our nieces and nephews (or in Erica’s case her children as well) tutoring them taking them on mini adventures. Working on putting together a catering site for a new business endeavor and job searching galore. We’ve been working on spending more time with our families and friends and it’s been great only thing is we seem to not update here as much.

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Throw Back Thursday

This Thursday is not being thrown back very far, if that even makes sense. We are just going back to a about a month ago from when we had a gender reveal party. This is just a couple pictures and you won’t see many pictures of the people who came. Not going to lie I was about to cry when the cake was first cut because I couldn’t believe it was going to be a girl. Even though in my head I kind of figured the baby was going to be a girl. What can I say our family is predominately woman. ย Below are some pictures of the celebration… and although I already thanked her, another huge THANK YOU! Goes out to my sister Jessica, for putting it all together. I love you very much!


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