My on again off again relationship with vegetarianism/how to survive food

Recently I have gone back to being a vegetarian SHOCKING ( …not really actually) I have had an on again off again relationship with vegetarianism (is that a thing?) since late middle school. I first learned about vegetarians in middle school when two girls in my class informed me that they did not eat meat. I was super interested! How do you do that ? So what do you eat? What about the rest of your family? They answered all my questions and even brought up the idea of how they love their pets and animals so much why would they eat them if they don’t have to. (Fish are friends not food– I adopted that motto after Finding Nemo) I thought about this a lot I started researching and going to different websites and ordered vegan and vegetarian starter kits. These kits were really helpful in informing you about what you may already be eating that is vegan and things you can substitute. They also usually included some sort of information on different companies that were either doing animals right or adding to the cruelty and exploitation of animals.

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