Oh Hey There!

Holy guacamole ! Where has the time gone? Where have we been? Summer is over and fall is among us the temperature here says otherwise 90’s all week! We’ve been quite busy working on a number of things. Most of the summer was spent watching our nieces and nephews (or in Erica’s case her children as well) tutoring them taking them on mini adventures. Working on putting together a catering site for a new business endeavor and job searching galore. We’ve been working on spending more time with our families and friends and it’s been great only thing is we seem to not update here as much.

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Let’s talk about…National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. Contact Debbie of By Dezign Products to put together a personalized first aid kit for you, your family, or your company. They also do fundraising for your teams through myteamworks.org.

Fill out the form below with your first aid kit concernsΒ and she can contact you to find the best kit type for your needs at the best price. Trust me Erica and I have worked for her, her prices are the best.


Take a look at what October can bring from By Dezign Products with your backing on Kickstarter